V-FEK Fire Extrication Kit w/Mount

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The V-FEK (Vehicle Fire Extrication Kit) was designed with the concept of suppressing flames within a vehicle application while supplying a seat belt cutter to the safety tab of the aerosol.  Also included with the kit is a storage pouch that allows storage of optional tools such as (2) 4 x 4 Burntec Dressing, Window Punch, Seat Belt Cutter.

The BDS40 (MK9) aerosol allows rapid cooling and fire suppression capabilities during fiery threats.  The liquid agent is a non-toxic product that can be applied directly to and around a surface to cool / suppress flames, all while suppling extra seconds when seconds truly count.

The BDS40 units are disposable and are always recommended to be replaced after use, regardless of the amount used.

The BurnTec hydrogel dressing is different from other burn first aid dressings due to its stable-sheeting hydrogel structure. The dressing has been strengthened with a medical-quality non-woven fabric which makes it easy to handle. This stable structure eliminates the risk of spilling or damaging the cooling hydrogel. In other words, the hydrogel stays over the burn area and prevents the gel from spilling off body surface area. 

The seatbelt cutter is attached to the pull safety tab on the BDS40 Aerosol device.  Simply pull off the tab to use the seatbelt cutter /window punch tool remove from head assembly of aerosol (installation of cutter varies).