About Us

Refuge Medical LLC is a family owned and operated business based out of Eastern Oklahoma. We design, and manufacture handmade, made in America, guaranteed for life first aid kits for military, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, and civilians.

We set out daily to continue to make the best individual first aid kits (IFAK) on the market while also continuously innovating alongside industry leaders to grow along with the needs of every American. In the last two years we've grown from being in a barn ONE hour a week, to an 8,000 square foot facility full-time. All of this is possible because of The Father’s provisions and loyal customers that support our small business.

The BearFAK is currently being used voluntarily by individuals in all branches of the United States Armed Forces. It is also being carried by various individuals and groups globally. We proudly built our BearFAK to exceed what the military is currently given for their personal first aid kit. We are both honored and humbled to be able to supply so many with the proper tools to save lives. We worked in coordination with United States Army Special Forces and Air Force pararescue men to develop the BearFAK and create the best IFAK on the market. By listening to our customer’s needs and working with professionals using the tools on a daily level, we've created a variety of different trauma, mass-casualty and family first aid kits. We have also worked with the preparedness community to offer our Medical Bucket line, to aid everyday people in being prepared for medical emergencies.

To date, we have had over 100 reported lives saved because of our kits, and the dedication of our family who works tirelessly in crafting them to further aid our Mission Statement:

To Save Lives while in Service to The Father’s Kingdom, and experiencing the Abundance of His Provisions & Blessings.

Welcome to Refuge Medical!