Rapid Force - Taq Strap - Black - Standard Buckle

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Introducing the Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet: Your Tactical Lifesaver

Are you in the line of duty? When every second counts, trust the Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet to be your ultimate lifesaving companion. Designed for military and law enforcement personnel, this innovative tourniquet is engineered to make hasty tourniquet application to the femoral arteries tactically feasible, ensuring you stay mission-ready in critical situations. 

*NOTE: We strongly recommend wearing a Taq-Strap on both legs for complete protection.

Key Features:

  • Life-Saving Design: The Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet replaces your standard holster strap with a pre-positioned tourniquet that can stop a femoral bleed within five seconds from the point of injury while still keeping your holster fastened to your leg. The Taq-Strap does not require any additional equipment and can be worn as a stand-alone product with the included belt strap.
  • Intuitive Application: Utilizing the same battle-proven ratcheting technology found in M2 Inc's TCCC approved R.M.T, the Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet is simple and can be applied with one hand, even when blind and covered in contaminants.
  • Universal Compatibility: The Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet replaces any 1.5” strap found in the most common tactical equipment and pouches, including gas mask bags, IFAKS, and holster plates of various brands.
  • Accessibility in Any Situation: This tourniquet sits on top of your thighs and can be applied post-blast without visuals or assistance, making it invaluable in scenarios like IED explosions, aircraft mishaps, and catastrophic collisions.
  • Tactically Feasible: Maintain "eyes on target" and return fire while applying a high and tight hasty tourniquet. Finish the fight until you can get to a safe place to apply a traditional tourniquet in accordance with TCCC doctrine.

Don't compromise on your safety or the safety of those you protect. Gear up with the Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet and stay in control when it matters most.


  • Material: 1.5-inch load-bearing nylon strap
  • Inner constricting band for direct limb application
  • Battle-proven M2 Inc ratcheting technology

Package Includes:

  • 1 Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet (*NOTE: We strongly recommend wearing a Taq-Strap on both legs for complete protection.)

Get ready for rapid response and ultimate protection. Order your Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet now and ensure you're prepared for any tactical situation.

Note: The Taq-Strap Integrated Tourniquet complies with all relevant safety and medical standards.