Surviving Womanhood: Essential Skills for the Post-Apocalyptic Era

August 11th 9am-5pm:
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Step into the high-stakes world of prehospital womanhood emergencies with Jessica, The Combat Midwife, in this dynamic all-day workshop designed for women's preparedness in austere, grid-down, SHTF environments. 

In the first segment, explore the enigmatic world of women's health with "Lady Curiosities," a gripping course that delves into the complexities of menstrual cycles, sexual assault, and the myriad challenges women face in grid-down scenarios. From combating pesky infections like yeast, UTIs, and bacterial vaginosis, to navigating misbehaving uteri and addressing sensitive issues like female sexual assault and birth control in a post-apocalyptic environment, this class equips participants with the knowledge to thrive in any scenario. Join Jessica as she empowers you to confront curious lady challenges and emergencies with confidence and resilience, preparing you for the unpredictable world beyond.
Next, prepare to confidently handle pre-hospital uncomplicated field deliveries in a comprehensive class led by Jessica. Learn essential protocols and techniques for assisting mothers during childbirth, from delivery to postpartum care. Get answers to common questions about hand placement, physiological transitions of babies, and placenta management. Jessica covers all these topics and more, ensuring participants are ready to “catch” in any situation.
Finally, Jessica delves into the most daunting scenarios encountered during birth, covering breech births, limb presentations, cord complications, shoulder dystocia, and postpartum hemorrhage. Through case studies, practical insights, and evidence-based strategies, participants will gain a deeper understanding of SHTF OB emergencies, emerging better prepared to deliver effective care when every second counts. Join us for an engaging and informative session that empowers you to face these "When the $*!# Hits the Fan!" emergencies head-on, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby.

There is no age restriction but we do recommend 18 and up unless parent is taking class with student. 

Where: Spiro, OK at Refuge Medial Office.