Birth or Postpartum Bucket (Separate Buckets)

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The Birthing & PostPartum Buckets from Refuge Medical are designed to address the inevitable circumstance of pregnancy during potential chaos. Let’s face it: it’s been statistically proven that birth rates increase 9 months after stressful events… do you have what you need to deliver a baby in SHTF while tending to the medical needs of both the mother and child?

The Birthing & PostPartum Buckets do not replace medical training, but they do provide you with everything one would need to successfully bring a new life into the world in an uncomplicated birth.

Developed specifically to address this unmet need, the Birthing & PostPartum Buckets use high-quality hospital-grade components, are assembled in America, and solve the problem of what an above-average survivalist or Prepper should have on hand to administer critical medical care to both mother and child.


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Birth Bucket Contents: 

Bucket Lid, Purple
5 Gal Bucket, White
ER Birth Tray (see contents below)
Disposable Underpads (5)
Receiving Blanket
DeLee Mucus Trap
Oral Thermometer
Surgical Scrub Brush w/disinfectant
Paper Tape Measure 36"
Gloves, Pair (12)
Lubricating Gel, 5g (3)
Alcohol Wipe (3)
Iodine Wipes (3)
BZK Wipes (3)
Triple Antibiotic Packet, 0.9g (3)
Instant Heat Packs, 6x8" (2)
Disposable Wash Cloths (50)
Hydration Salts (5)
Head Lamp
Survival Blanket
Peroxide Bottle
Trash Bags (2)
Freezer Bags (2)
Drinking Straws (2)
KleenPrint Foot Printer
Commemorative Birth Certificate

Emergency Birth Tray (Sterile): 
Kelly Forceps with Flat Tip, 5.5″
Poly Bag with Vent, 10″ x 12″ 
Serrated Needle Holder (7)
Needle, Regular Bevel, 18G x 1.5″ 
Hemostat Forceps, Curved, 6.25″ (2)
Scissors, Straight, 6.75″ 
Plastic Sponge Forceps, 7.5″ 
Ear/Ulcer Syringe
Blank Drug Label (10)
Luer Lock Syringe, 10 mL 
Baby Blanket, white
Infant Hat
Placenta Basin & Lid
Underbuttocks Drape
Table Cover, 50″ x 50″
Nitrile Exam Glove pair
Umbilical Cord Clamp 
4" x 4" Gauze, pack
Blue O.R. Towel (4)

PostPartum Bucket Contents: 

Bucket Lid, Purple
5 Gal Bucket, White
Peri Bottle (2)
Disposable Underwear (10)
Thin Overnight Pads w/wings (50)
3x3 Gauze Pads (40)
Witch Hazel,  Bottle
Perineal Pad Cold Packs (6)
Disposable Wash Cloths (50)
Infant Hat
Receiving Blanket

Optional Bucket ADD-ONs

When these are added on to your bucket order, they will be added INTO the Birth Bucket or will come along side the postpartum bucket.  There is NOT room for them to be added into the postpartum bucket. 

Stethoscope & BP Cuff Kit
Military Surgical Kit
Eldon Blood Typing Cards (3) - One for Mom, Dad and Baby
Herbal Sitz Bath
After Ease Cramp Tincture
Emergency Childbirth Instruction Manual

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