76-pc Advanced Suture/Surgical Kit (SK6)

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Open wounds are no joke. Some laceration can cause you to bleed out in mere minutes. On average, it can take up to 7 minutes for EMS to arrive on your location and then, if you are traveling or live in a remote location, it could take hours, or even days.

With minimal training, you could effectively save your life or that of someone else. When the stakes are this high, you want quality, clean, easy to use suturing kits.

This advanced trauma suture kit is a great choice for people who want to be prepared for any scenario. This trauma suture kit has everything you need for suturing a wound for multiple people, sterile surgical drape to create a sterile operating environment, and additional post-op supplies to keep the wound clean and dry afterwards.

*This product cannot be shipped to Brazil*

  • Sterile in-date sutures of the most common types
  • Medical grade quality instruments
  • Prep pads topical antiseptic
  • Sterile gauze sponges and roll
  • Sterile surgical drape
  • (5) 5-0 Sterile Suture with needle
  • (5) 4-0 Sterile Suture with needle
  • (5) 3-0 Sterile Suture with needle
  • (5) 2-0 Sterile Suture with needle
  • (1) #3 Scalpel Handle, Fits Blades #10-#15
  • (2) #10 Sterile Scalpel Blade
  • (2) #11 Sterile Scalpel Blade
  • (1) 5in Needle Holder or larger (size varies)
  • (1) 5 1/2in Curved Forceps
  • (1) 5 1/2in Operating Scissors
  • (10) Alcohol Prep Pads, 70% Isopropyl Antiseptic
  • (10) Povidone Iodine Prep Pads Antiseptic
  • (10) 2x2in 8Ply Gauze Sponges
  • (10) 4x4in 8-Ply Sterile Gauze Sponges
  • (5) 2in x 2.1yds Sterile Stretch Gauze Roll
  • (2) 3/4in Plasti-Pore Tape Rolls
  • (1) 18x26in Sterile Surgical Drape


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All instruments are medical grade stainless steel. Sutures are in-date, sterile. When it counts, this lightweight and compact suture kit will be easily deployable to treat most wounds.